Lucille Conway has conducted tours for National and International clients through-out Newfoundland and Labrador. Her Hands on dedication to each and every client has given her a reputation as an excellent tour guide.

A wealth of history and adventure awaits you on your trip to our beautiful Island. See first hand our breathtaking scenery, visit world heritage sites such as Gros Morne National Park, walk our hiking trails, or take an unforgettable excursion to the sea to witness humpback and minke whales as they perform just for you. Visit one of the largest bird colonies in North America and see millions of birds in their natural habitat. Wildlife, Icebergs and archaeology are all awaiting your arrival.

Visit our local wineries and sample Newfoundland berry wine and liqueurs.

Stay at first class hotels or quaint B&B's and taste authentic Newfoundland cuisine, such as Jigg's Dinner, Toutons, Fish & Brewis and fresh Atlantic Cod with scruncheons. For dessert, tempt your palate with Newfoundland wild berries, partridge berries, luscious blueberry cakes, and golden bakeapples.

Come, experience Newfoundland hospitality at its finest and let Lucille and her guides show you a "Trip to Remember".

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